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Mntd - Auto mount daemon for hotplug devices


Copyright © 2004 Stefan Bambach < stefan @ bambach . biz >

Distributed under the GPL (daemon) and LGPL (library) license, see COPYING for details.


mntd is an automount daemon and shared library written in C for automatically mount hotplug devices like USB sticks, Compact Flash cards or other mountable devices on linux 2.4.x or 2.6.x kernels.

You only have to plug in your hotplug device and wait a little bit. Use the library, for user mode programs, that want to be informed, if new devices will be mounted and others unmounted.

If you want to use the mntd library, see Examples for more information.

Using Mntd

In order to begin using Mntd, you should have at least the following packages installed:


Mntd is known to work on the following:

To build development versions, you will also need the GNU autoconf tools (with automake and libtool). Documentation is built using Doxygen.


For more details on how to install this daemon see Installing (For older versions see Installing pre 0.4.0 version).


Mntd is available in source code. Let me know of binary packages you built for other distributions.

Mntd Version 0.5.0 - Mar 30, 2005 release.

Mntd Version 0.4.2 - Aug 28, 2004 release.

Mntd Version 0.4.1 - July 31, 2004 release.

Mntd Version 0.4.0 - July 10, 2004 release.

Mntd Version 0.3.5 - June 14, 2004 release.

Mntd Version 0.3.4 - May 25, 2004 release.

Special thanks to


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